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Virtual Office Space Pembrokeshire

If you are a new start-up company in Pembrokeshire or perhaps an existing business that doesn't feel comfortable in using your home address on things such as your website, flyers, marketing etc. Then Virtual Office addresses are just for you.

We offer cheap virtual office packages for companies in Pembrokeshire and across West Wales.

What is a Virtual Office?.

A virtual office provides the user with the use of an existing address and sometimes communication facilities without hard, physical office space to which the user can use. 

This can ultimately give new companies cheaper overheads by not having to rent large/small commercial office spaces in an office block for example. Many users are now creating businesses from home yet don't feel comfortable with their home address being out in the public domain. The other advantage to a Virtual Office is that it allows new companies to keep up with competitors with a professional office image.

What Virtual Office packages do we offer?

The Queens Hall has been at the heart of Narberth in Pembrokeshire for over 50 years. Whether you're from St Davids, Tenby, Pembroke or Haverfordwest. Many people not only know of Narberth but know of the Queens Hall. We plan on offering some of the cheapest virtual office space packages in the county, so make sure you don't miss out.

Our cheap, virtual office packages give new and existing companies the chance to use a prime mailing address for little cost. You can have your mail sent to us and use the address on marketing and website information to allow you to keep up with larger businesses who may have physical addresses/property.

We also plan on being able to allow members to have use of a temporary office in the building shortly. Although not currently available, we would love to allow the use of a desk, phone and computer at our premises later this year which will allow you to get on top of customers, orders and so on. Costs TBC.

Virtual Office Space Package 1

A setup admin fee of £25 applies to first time applicants.

  • Use of Address
  • Small Mail/Letter Holding
  • 10% Discount on Room Bookings
  • Access to Superfast Fibre Wi-Fi

From £10.50 per week + VAT.

Virtual Office Space Package 2

Full details to be confirmed in 2017. This package will tie in with the ability to 'hot desk' at the Queens Hall. We will provide the desk, computer and internet access you need to run your company office from ours.

If your question is, Office Space to Rent in Pembrokeshire - then get a virtual office!. Cheaper, easier and more straightforward.

Interested? - You can call us on 01834 861 212 and ask for an application form or email us via our contact form. Contact Us