Super Sonic 70's Show

Saturday, 01 April 2017 - Presented by: The Queens Hall

An incredible live show so jam packed with classic 70's hits it's no wonder it's been described as "The most explosive show in theatre land"

Led by the 'Cat suited wonder girl' Janey Bombshell, one of the finest female singers in the UK. Janey adds some real 'Agnetha glamour' alongside co-lead vocalist Mark Keen, the velvet voiced singing sensation with the moves to match!

This show will take you back to when Pop was at its peak. From the towering majesty of Queen, ELO, and the Carpenters, the pin-up pop of The Osmonds, David Essex, and David Cassidy, and the foot stompin Glam Rock of Sweet, Mud and T.Rex. Now add the classic sounds of 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Grease', and even those winning 'UK Eurovision hits', and with humour a plenty you have 'The Super Sonic 70's Show, simply too good to miss. "

"The most explosive show in theatre land" This show has whipped up a 'Seventies sea of nostalgia' to ecstatic fans wherever they play Where the women sing along to every word and the men 'air-guitar' at will, it really is one huge 70's party and everyone is up and dancing-Yes it's that kind of Show.

So come join the band in their travelling 70's time machine, back to the days when pop really was at its peak!

With 70's costumes with all the glitz and blitz you would expect, this band excites, from this colourful era of denim, satin and leather, and completed with visuals, backdrop and original 'Chopper Bikes' this sensational show really is not to be missed. You may even get to see a 'Womble' too.....


This event has passed