Ticket Policy

Due to the success of a number of events over recent years plus high profile events, it has become increasingly difficult to hold reserved tickets. Therefore The Queens Hall has had to adopt the following policy:

    We cannot reserve tickets. Tickets can be bought instantly via our website or in person at the booking office. 

Please note this does not include SPAN events. Thank you for your understanding.

    The Queens Hall Narberth reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone on the day of the event.
    Should admission be refused due to ejection from the venue, drugs or disorderly behaviour, the Queens Hall Narberth also reserve the right to offer NO REFUND on any purchased ticket.

FURTHER Any tickets purchased online by anybody under 16 years old and not accompanied by an adult on the date of the event, may be refused entry without refund.

Cancellations and Refunds

Should tickets be surplus to requirements prior to the event or on the day of the event, The Queens Hall cannot refund purchased tickets. In some cases, it could be possible to carry out a resale on your ticket so please ask at the Box Office on the night of the event.

Lost Tickets.

The Queens Hall cannot be held responsible for those who purchase tickets and subsequently collect tickets ahead of an event but subsequently lose tickets prior to the show date. Although proof of purchase can be made, this does not stop fraudsters from duplicating tickets and the tickets being passed on therefore at double face value of the ticket. E.g: Tickets are bought, passed on then a claim made the original tickets have been lost. The Queens Hall reserves the right to recharge the original face value of the ticket for lost tickets in this instance.


The Queens Hall operates on a venue only supply basis. This means the Queens Hall is only responsible for providing the venue for any given events. All events at the Queens Hall are put on by 3rd party promoters and therefore, the Queens Hall cannot issue refunds under any circumstances. Customers are welcome to approach promoters directly to question a refund.

Booking Fee

ALL events at the Queens Hall that are not SPAN ARTS events are subject to a £1 booking fee to cover costs by paying via Credit/Debit Cards.

The Queens Hall Narberth is a Registered Charity no: 524443 VAT reg no: 558 1357 25