WWDFAS - The World of Graham Sutherland & John Piper

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 - Presented by: West Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society

The careers of John Piper and Graham Sutherland followed surprisingly similar paths. Born in the same year – 1903 - they both attended Epsom College, then commenced different careers before attending art college. Along with other English Neo-Romantics, each was influenced by William Blake and Samuel Palmer. They were also able to embrace European modernism in a way that enabled their work to remain accessible to the general public. Piper and Sutherland worked in a variety of media, producing astonishing bodies of work; each was an Official War Artist in the Second World War, and each went on to create moving and inspirational works of religious art

Presented by Valerie Woodgate

Contact West Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society on 01646 600208 for tickets. Presentation starts at 11am.


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