Rapunzel: A Tangled panto - Evening

Thursday, 05 December 2019 - Presented by: The Queens Hall

In the village of Pantowood, Princess Rapunzel enjoys life as a celebrity. However, an evil Prince Farquad is looking in Pantowood for a bride and locks her in the tower! 

The villagers mount a plan by Pied Piper Of Pantowood and his mother Dame Billie Piper to rescue her and defeat the evil prince.

With other characters including Mayor Wolfie and Dick Whittington, this is a panto mash of comedy throughout in Wize Productions' 9th annual tour. 

Ticket Price:

  • Full - £ 7.00 
  • Child - £ 5.00 
    Child must be aged 18 or under
  • Family - £ 16.00 
    family ticket consists of 4 people with a maximum 2 adults

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