Pembrokeshire Pilates Classes Friday

Fridays - 09:30 to 10:30

Rebecca's final session of the week is on a Friday morning.

Proving hugely popular, her 3 times weekly Pilates classes right here in Pembrokeshire are suitable for people needing rehabilitation, physiotherapy or even those who just want to try some new exciting fitness and tone themselves up.

Rebecca can also supply you with one to one sessions no matter what your level of experience or needs. Call Rebecca to find out more or find Pembrokeshire Pilates on Facebook.

Pilates is recommended by those in the chiropractic and physiotherapy profession for strengthening the core muscles which support the spine. After regularly practicing Pilates one can expect increased mobility in the joints, a flatter stomach, a thinner and stronger waist, back, thighs and improved circulation. Regain the ability to move easily and without pain.