The Story of Billy Joel - Cancelled

Saturday, 15 July 2017 - Presented by: The Queens Hall

Andy Mudd is a musician / entertainer that has followed Billy Joel and his music for many years, and has now put together this incredible two hour show that will leave you singing all your favorite songs for weeks to come.

He's traveled the world to Billy Joel concerts including Japan, LA, New York and London to study the great man himself live on stage.

The show includes all the classic Billy Joel songs plus the stories behind those songs. You will be taken on a journey from the early years to the present.

Months of perfecting the sounds and phrases of all the Billy Joel tracks. A night on how and why the Billy Joel collection of music came to be. From stories about his child asking "Will you remember me when you die" to the time he was moving home from LA and realizing that New York was where he belonged as he wrote the words to 'New York state of mind' on a Greyhound bus traveling across the Brooklyn bridge.

If you're a Billy Joel fan then you're in for a very special treat. If you haven't yet been converted then this will be your night.


This event has been Cancelled

This event has passed