WWDFAS - From Impressionism to Blast: The Emergence of Modernism on the Eve of the First World War

Tuesday, 11 June 2019 - Presented by: West Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society

The arts underwent a sea-change in the forty years between the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874 and the launch of the Vorticist magazine Blast in 1914. In an era of extraordinary vibrancy and experimentation, exciting new interconnections were forged between painters, musicians and writers across Europe as they steadily broke with tradition and moved from representation to abstraction in their work. This lecture pinpoints the milestones along this revolutionary journey, showing how movements like Cubism and Expressionism radically changed the language of art, and foreshadowed the violence of the First World War

Presented by Rosamund Bartlett

Contact West Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society on 01646 600208 for tickets. Presentation starts at 11am.


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