WWDFAS - The Art of Seduction – an enduring theme

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 - Presented by: West Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society

Seduction had been one of the enduring themes of art since Eve offered Adam an apple. Courtly love blossomed in manuscripts and miniatures of the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance offered painters an Olympian cast of amorous gods and goddesses. Puritanical Dutch and Prudish Victorians tutted over the loose morals of fallen women. Rococo artists revelled in the flirtatious fun of Fetes Galantes and Belle Epoque ‘Gay Paree’ flaunted the Femme Fatale. But in our permissive society had ‘Battle of Sexes’ killed the spirit of romance? I do hope not! Join me to celebrate the theme of love and courtship, through painting from the Age of Chivalry to the Modern Age, The Art of Seduction

Presented by Lynne Gibson.

Contact West Wales Decorative and Fine Arts Society on 01646 600208 for tickets. Presentation starts at 11am.


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