Queens Hall New LED Lighting

The Queens Hall is always aiming to save money and be green at the same time. That certainly hasn't been any different over the last 3 weeks where here at the Queens Hall, we've teamed up with The Warm Light Company who are a professional expert LED Lighting provider and have worked alongside us at the hall to work in multiple phases to ensure we can cut costs and move onto brand new LED Lighting.

There will be continuing improvements to the building lighting for both regular users to ensure a cleaner, brighter light for those areas hired and also general thoroughfares for those members of the public visiting and passing through the hall.

The Queens Hall also has a special promotion with The Warm Light Company who can not only save money when purchasing LED products but help the Queens Hall in the process. For every purchase made through the guys at The Warm Light Company, a percentage of your sale will be sent directly back to us here at the Queens Hall.

Visit the website of the folks over at The Warm Light Company and cut down on your electricity bills with some professional, high quality LED Lighting products.

The Warm Light Company

See below for more information on the offer.