The BIG Community Soup & Time Bank Launch

On Nov 6th 2019, The Queens Hall, PAVS, Pembrokeshire Foodbank & Narberth Community Fridge are coming together to launch the official Narberth Time Bank. To celebrate, we will be cooking up a big free Community Soup using surplus food from the local area.

We hope to attract people from our community who give time to others for free (and who like soup), so we would like to invite you!

Time Bank is a free community-based scheme that promotes participation using time as currency. For every hour a person gives to a time banking activity, such as helping a neighbour or helping others learn a skill, they will receive 1 time credit. Credits can be exchanged for access to a variety of social and leisure activities in Pembrokeshire; all skills and services can be shared with others, everyone has something to offer and everyone’s time is valued equally.

Time Banking is an opportunity to exchange time and knowledge within our community, and takes a handful of simple details to register. If you, or anyone you feel would benefit, would like to be part of the scheme, please let them know about the Big Community Soup on Nov 6th in The Queens Hall at 1pm, where they can come along and learn all about how they can join Narberth Time Bank.

Would you like to have a stand at the Big Community Soup event?

We are also looking to have stands available for voluntary organisations in our area who would like the opportunity to tell people what they do – if you are available, please let me know and we will reserve a place for you

If you would like a spot of soup, or you would like to learn more about the Narberth Time Bank either for yourself or people in your organisation, please email me back on