Groups and Organisations at the Queens Hall.

The Queens Hall in Narberth is known as a base for not only local groups in and around Narberth but also many groups that are found in West Wales and Pembrokeshire. We're always happy to welcome new groups and organisations to the hall for your weekly/monthly get-togethers providing we have a space that suits you.

We have a range of spaces to hire and we do have spaces freeing up from time to time so please don't hesitate in getting in touch to see if we can accommodate you.

At the Queens Hall, we are open to one-off visits or as mentioned above, frequent visits. With many people choosing to position themselves at the Queens Hall, featured at the heart of Narberth at the top of the towns main high street, we always aim to provide our groups/organisations with the best in what we can to make their hire of our facilities the best we can make it both not for them but also for those who attend your sessions.

The Queens Hall is currently home to:-

  • Lau Gau - Kung Fu
  • Narberth Winter Carnival
  • County Market
  • Pig Street Market
  • Zumba
  • Jive Classes Martin Stockton

Many groups hold weekly events at the Queens Hall, for more information on their events and information on how to get in touch with those in charge, follow the link for more detailed information.

If you're interested in a one-off session/meeting at the Queens Hall or any other reason, you can get in touch via the following methods.

Telephone: 01834 861 212

Email: Contact Us

Twitter: @TheQueensHall

Some Local Organisations

Narberth Winter Carnival
Town and Country Market